Hoop Look: Siamese Dream


1 Scarf  |  2 Shirt  |  3 Combat Boots  |  4 Hoops For Humanity “Ring of Fire” Collapsible Hoop  |  5 Leggings

I am stuck on a few moves right now (shoulder hooping, legs-to-waist-and-back transition) so I put together a hoop look to keep me motivated. I love The Smashing Pumpkins, and this look feels so right.

Hoop Looks: Dallas Mavericks


1 Dallas Mavericks Tank |  2 Dallas Mavericks Knit Beanie  |  3 Socks  | 4 Leggings  | 5 Converse  Sneakers  |  6 HoopsForHumanity Blue and Silver Hoop

While I am working on chest hooping  The Stunt That Shall Not Be Named, in honor of the NBA playoffs I have put together a little hooping outfit to represent my team! I like daydreaming about hooping outfits. It’s my favorite.