Long-Term Hooping Goals.

1. Lose some pounds.

Since I have been with my husband, I have been carrying around an extra 25 pounds. Yeesh. If I can spin some of this off (get it? get it?), I will feel much better (and much stronger.)

2. Learn all the tricks.

You know, the ones that all the hula hoopers know.

3. Find my hooping style.

I see so many different dance styles within the hula hooping community, and I am working towards finding my own personality as a hooper. This also includes fine-tuning my hooper fashion, because FUN.

4. Video-diary monthly progress.

This is the easiest way to show off what I am learning.

5. Connect with other hoopers.

Because this is how you learn.

I would like to get to the point where I am confident enough in my skills to justify purchasing one of those swanky LED light hoops. (Good to have a reward for your effort, amiright??) For now, practice, practice, practice….


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