Chest Hooping: The Saga Continues

Look. I know it’s only been a week since Geri showed me how to chest hoop. But in my head, I’m all “IT’S BEEN A WEEK!! HOW CAN I STILL BE STRUGGLING WITH THIS??”

I’ve taken to the YouTubes. I wanted to share a few videos that have been encouraging.

Deanne Love has a ton of tutorials that you can’t help but trip over when you are searching for some hoop help. I love the advice she gives at the end, where she talks about how it clicked for her when she changed her music and slowed the tempo down a bit. I think that works for a lot of things…try it a slightly different way, and suddenly you GOT IT.

I love, love, LOVE Jess’s tutorials. I found her YouTube channel when I stumbled upon her fangirl hoops on Etsy. She is a Texas girl, so obviously she gets bonus points. But residency aside, she has the funnest, most hilarious, brilliantly edited tutorials I have seen. She is so real and funny and awesome. I think she is especially helpful because she tells you it’s okay to look a little weird at first…once you figure out the motion, then work on your finesse.

So, after some more unsuccessful attempts today, I’ll sleep on it (call back) and keep you posted.


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