Whoa Dude.



Guys. I am totally down 5 lbs! This is definitely due to integrating hooping into my routine (and taming my sweet tooth a bit). Between that and Zumba, I am trying to do something active every day. And it is paying off! The cool thing is that with the hooping, it doesn’t feel like work and I don’t even do it very much…like I mentioned previously, I practice here and there throughout the day when I want a break from the computer screen or need to let the dogs outside.

Rock hard abs, I’m coming for ya!



This is a great TED talk by Lisa Lottie about hula hooping and her non-traditional background. I love the performance at the beginning, first of all, because she is awesomely talented. Secondly, I LOVE when those LED hoops are synched to the music! So rad!

via hooping.org

Progress Report


Today I had another lesson with Geri over at The Hoop Shack. I think she was happy with my progression since last time. I haven’t been putting in hours of practice every night…really, I just practice whenever I let the dogs outside or want to take a break from the computer. It helps that I work from home, but you could easily take your hoop to work and accomplish the same thing in the parking lot or a conference room. In fact, I’ve done that before too! So I end up working in a few 10-15 minute bursts of hooping throughout the day. It adds up! It’s enough for a song or two, or just skip┬áthe music and enjoy the fresh air.

I walked away with some homework. A lot. Sometimes I worry I am going to forget something that we talked about, so I make a few notes when I get home. Two big things I will be working on the next couple weeks:

1. Hip Hooping – Geri explained that this is a good foundation to build on for leg hooping. Plus, it works your abs! A lot!

2. Working on the motions for eventual chest hooping. Chest hooping frightens me a little, because right now I do not feel loose enough or graceful enough to get there. Some of our dances in Zumba involve some chest rolls, and I feel like such a nerdy girl trying to be hip. I can’t do it. Hopefully, with some practice, I’ll get there in Zumba AND in hooping.

We also did some vertical work. I was a flag in junior high through high school, so I feel like some of the motions here are similar and familiar. Still, circle vs stick. A little different.

Here’s a little flag throwback. Ah, parades….


Short-Term Hooping Goals.


Things I am still working on this month:

1. Feeling equal in capability in both hooping directions. I am decent, but I definitely, definitely have a stronger side.

2. Lifting the hoop off my body. Sometimes it goes flying, sometimes I just don’t have the momentum to keep it spinning once it is mid-lift.

3. Putting the hoop back on my waist from halo…with my non-dominant hand. Or, basically anything with the weaker hand.

I have video of the lift-off move, I will put that up later gator. For now, just use your creative brain to imagine someone doing the move moderately-well.

Long-Term Hooping Goals.

1. Lose some pounds.

Since I have been with my husband, I have been carrying around an extra 25 pounds. Yeesh. If I can spin some of this off (get it? get it?), I will feel much better (and much stronger.)

2. Learn all the tricks.

You know, the ones that all the hula hoopers know.

3. Find my hooping style.

I see so many different dance styles within the hula hooping community, and I am working towards finding my own personality as a hooper. This also includes fine-tuning my hooper fashion, because FUN.

4. Video-diary monthly progress.

This is the easiest way to show off what I am learning.

5. Connect with other hoopers.

Because this is how you learn.

I would like to get to the point where I am confident enough in my skills to justify purchasing one of those swanky LED light hoops. (Good to have a reward for your effort, amiright??) For now, practice, practice, practice….